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Why should ingredients be confusing when flavor isn’t?

That’s the question Adeola tried to answer in 2016, as he prepared his legendary cajun-smoked turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. He was an avid cook, but a recent high blood pressure diagnosis forced him to start examining what he put in his body. As he browsed store shelves, it seemed every “natural” marinade and seasoning was full of excess salt and potentially harmful fillers and preservatives lurking under unrecognizable names. Frustrated, but determined, he started building his seasoning blend based on the age-old Cajun Trinity of onions, bell peppers, and celery before discovering the tasty blend that now comprises his Cajun-Soul seasoning that became a fan favorite.

Who We Are…

Today, Addy Daddy Seasoning & Sauces carries multiple seasonings that contain only authentic blends of fresh herbs and spices assured to give every kitchen access to healthy, bold flavors without the harmful chemicals.

Flavor isn’t confusing - trying to be healthy shouldn’t be either

At Addy Daddy, we strive to help our customers make healthy choices with time-tested ingredients you recognize, in tasty blends that help you prepare your favorite delicious meals without sacrificing flavor. Whether you are a chef cooking in a restaurant, making a meal in your kitchen, or just throwing a little something on the grill, Addy Daddy Seasonings is all you need to make your next tasty choice, a healthy one! 

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