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Meet Addy

The culinary genius behind our seasonings and sauces. Driven by a deep passion for food and family, Addy embarked on a journey to create a brand tailored for working professionals, avid cooks, and busy families. In a world where time is a precious commodity, he believes that sacrificing great food is never an option.

Bringing families together, one flavor at a time.

Addy Daddy Seasonings: Elevate Your Flavors. Discover our preservative-free blends and sauces for a tastier culinary journey. Perfect for busy families, pros, and enthusiasts.

Everything Seasoning. I love this seasoning! It goes well on meat, in soups, stews, sauces, etc. It is the perfect thing to add if what you are cooking is missing something. Oh, and it is low in sodium, winner winner on my chicken dinner!

Justin W.

S.B.F Seasoning. I am far from a cook but this seasoning makes me look like one! Thanks AddyDaddy, I will definitely be a lifetime customer! And my Wife loves your hot sauce as well!

James L.

Texas Blaze Hot Sauce. My sister bought this sauce at a farmers market. We tried it and immediately fell in love. Really flavorful and well seasoned. It’s now a staple in our pantry!

Meekaela G.

Honey Chipotle Seasoning. I was shocked at how good this spice was; I wanted to put in small packets and share with a couple of friends then decided I didn’t want to part with it’. Excellent - best spice I’ve ever tasted.

Debra E.


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